Slottsskogen Goes Progressive 2017

Once again, Göteborgs Artrockförening - GARF - invites audience and performers to Slottsskogen for a lovely day and night, celebrating progressive music.

As always admission is FREE.


We welcome you all to experience the amazing and dynamic atmosphere that has become a hallmark of this now classic festival.




Tid: 19 augusti - kl 15.00

Plats: Slottsskogsteatern, Göteborg

Hasse Bruniusson Presents The Music Of Samla Mammas Manna, in a new guise, but with the same crazy overtones and humour.


Drummer Hasse brings:

Roine Stolt - Guitar (Kaipa Da Capo, Flower Kings)

Rikard Sjöblom - Keybords (Accordion, Beardfish, Big Big Train)

Håkan Almqvist -Bass (Ensemble Nimbus, Orient Squeezers)


Samla Mammas Manna's music is mostly instrumental and characterized by playful compositions and improvisations

with unusual keyboard playing and complex

drumming in the foreground.

The music is strongly influenced by jazz rock, with similarities

to Frank Zappa, mixed with elements of Swedish folk music.

The music is performed with a lot of humour!

Norwegian band Høst was formed in 1971. They play classic progressive rock with double guitars, enhanced by keyboard that will undoubtedly get Slottskogen reeling.


Geir Jahren - Lead Vocals

Bernt Bodal - Bass

Knut R. Lie - Drums, Backing Vocals

Svein Rønning - Guitar, Backing Vocals

Lasse Nilsen - Guitar


Stockholm band Structural Disorder is dynamic as well as emotional. This progressive metal band with accordion will undoubtedly be the festival's harshest element!


Markus Tälth – Vocals, guitars

Johannes West – Accordeon, vocals

Hjalmar Birgersson – Guitars, piano, keyboards, vocals

Erik Arkö – Bass, vocals

Karl Björk – Drums


Norwegian instrumental band Pymlico is characterized by grand arrangements and melodic versatility. A fine blend of

progressive rock and fusion. Prepare yourself for a thick wall of guitars and keyboards.


Arild - Drums

Øyvind - Keyboards

Marie - Saxophone and keyboards

Stephan - Guitars

Axel - Bass guitar and synth bass

Khadavra, a band originating in the Värmland forests, relies on feelings and intuition for guidance. The roots are 70's

Black Sabbath, Pink Floyd and King Crimson, although mixed freely with things such as Wagner, Slowdive, Opeth and Tool. Melancholy is the keyword, as inspiration comes from

experiences, positive and negative; some experiences real, other experiences unreal.


Alex - Trummor, slagverk, sång

Jón - Bas, valthorn, sång

Nils - Keyboards, gitarr, sång

Seb - Gitarr, sitar, didgeridoo, sång

Garfs garden gnomes are back! During intermissions they play their interpretations of Frank Zappa on two acoustic guitars. Maybe some surprises, too!


According to their Facebook webpage:

Two accoustic guitars, two voices. Good shit!


Magnus Liljeqvist - Guitar and vocals.

Niklas Lychou - Guitar and vocals.

FZ- spirit and inspiration.

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