Art Rock Café

GARF has the pleasure to introduce "Art Rock Café"! A meeting point for everyone that loves progressive music. We collaborate with Studieförbundet Sensus and have gotten the ability to be in their place where they have "Gårdascenen".


We meet up and listens to good music, we sometimes also do fun quizzes!


We have small food, coffee, sodas and wine for a smaller cost.

To visit the ARC doesn’t cost anything, you only need to be in a good mood, but you have to be a member. You will receive a membership card on your first visit.


The easiest way to register for a membership is to send an email to with your personal data (name, address, date of birth (yymmdd ), telephone, e-mail).


You can also join the group "Art Rock Cafe" on Facebook and leave your personal data there.


We will see you on your first visit!


Bring your favorite Cd (CD or Vinyl) that you want to share with us, and who knows, maybe we have some exciting news to tell you...!

When: First Saturday every month, 18–23

Where: Fabriksgatan 32, Gårda, Göteborg

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