GARF – Göteborgs Artrockförening

GARF is a non-profit organisation comprising music-loving enthusiasts with a burning passion for progressive music in all its various forms. The society was founded in 1994 in order to keep and disseminate as well as encourage the music form currently known as Art Rock.


By organising festivals and concerts, and holding get-togethers for Art Rock lovers and spread information, GARF wants to be able to give more people the possibility to experience exciting and inspiring music.

”Slottsskogen Goes Progressive”, aka ”SGP”, the big annual GARF event, is a music festival that has brightened the short Swedish cultural summer in Gothenburg with its gifted musicians and great live music since the year 2000. SGP has during the years grown into a much appreciated event for both musicians as well as the many headed audience. There is no entrance fee, in order to reach out to as many lovers of progressive music as possible, be they poor or rich.

”Musikens Hus Goes Progressive” is a slightly smaller festival held during the winter season, launched in 2011 in order to, for some, have a paus from the long wait for the next SGP. It also makes it possible for GARF to be able to show off even more skilful musical artists during various concerts and get-togethers.

The society is open to all, naturally, and a membership fee in GARF will cost you SEK 150 per year. The membership fee is solely used to keep the quality of the music

and the musicians at top notch - so if you like Pink Floyd, Genesis, YES, Frank Zappa, Kate Bush, Marillion and the likes…


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